Digital Marketing vs Data Analytics -2019

Digital Marketing vs Data Analytics, data analytics roles, benefits of digital marketing

Hello Guys! Today, we will be learning Digital Marketing VS Data Analytics. Why digital marketing is important and also data analytics.

Nowadays, in India or outside India. Everybody knows about digital marketing and data analytics. Both are demandable courses.

If we are talking about digital marketing in one word – It is online marketing where we can sell our product or services.

If we are talking about Data analytics in a word – it is a part of analytics. Where we can analyze company data.

Table Of Contents:
1. Digital Marketing Vs Data Analytics
    1.1. Education Need For Digital Marketing
    1.2. Top 10 Digital Marketing Institutes
    1.3. Digital Marketing Examples
    1.4. Benefits of Digital Marketing
    1.5. Industries use Digital Marketing
    1.6. Qualification Need for Data Analyst
    1.7. Roles Of Data Analyst
    1.8. Online Data Analytics Institutes

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is called as online marketing. An everyday online user is increasing, and of course mobile users.

In 2000s digital marketing popularized, and Now digital marketing has actually been around much longer like, about 100 years longer.

Digital Marketing vs Data Analytics, data analytics roles, benefits of digital marketing
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Name: Guglielmo Marconi.

Great. In 1896 he was the first human to demonstrate a “public transmission of wireless signals.”

If you are thinking what digital marketing is… it is such as social media, mobile applications, email, web applications, search engines, websites, or any new digital channel.

Or a Simple Word...

Digital Marketing means you can advertise your business products and services online.

What education is needed to become a digital marketer?

Digital Marketing vs Data Analytics, data analytics roles, benefits of digital marketing

Any background student can do digital marketing jobs, but you have to do digital marketing course.

In India, many institutions are available so you can join.

If you have to show 4 to 5 years experience, that time you need a degree certificate.

Because many big companies asking degree certificate for digital marketing job.

But if you will go to fresher then you can find a digital marketing job without a degree certificate. In here digital marketing skill is very important such as (SEO, Adwords or PPC, Social media, Email Marketing, Google Analytics, Content Writing).

If you want to go SEO field then you have to learn Keyword research, on-page and off-page optimization, Google analytics, webmaster tool

Top 10 digital marketing institutes in India



#3 NIIT Digital Marketing



#6 Learning Catalyst

#7 EduPristine

#8 Digital Vidya

#9 Digital Academy India

#10 Udemy

What are the examples of digital marketing?

#1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      It is an Organic method such as (on-page and off-page optimization)

#2 Content Marketing
     it is a part of digital marketing. you can write content for the website or social media or blog page.

#3 Social Media Marketing
     2 types of social media such as (Free & Paid) like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram & many more...

#4 Pay Per Click (PPC)
     You can Tell Google ads, Bing Ads

#5 Affiliate Marketing
     Affiliate marketing is an online sales tactic that lets a product owner increase sales by allowing others targeting the same audience – “affiliates” – to earn a commission by recommending the product to others.

#6 Email Marketing
     You can use different tools for email marketing like MailChimp, Wix, Getresponse.

What are the benefits of digital marketing?

Digital Marketing vs Data Analytics, data analytics roles, benefits of digital marketing

#1 Digital marketing grow your business

#2 in less cost you can increase your profit

#3 Improve conversion rates

#4 higher revenues

#5 Higher ROI from your campaigns

#6 Improve Brand awareness

#7 knows about all your competitors

#8 easily Count, how many customers buying a product

Industries that need digital marketing

Every industry is using digital marketing for profit. Now online marketing is better than traditional marketing.

So, now every company is coming online.

#1 Software Company

#2 BPO Company

#3 Health Care

#4 Real Estate

#5 Electronics Company

#6 Entertainment

#7 Food

#8 Education Sector

Now Let’s Start What is Data Analytics...

Digital Marketing vs Data Analytics, data analytics roles, benefits of digital marketing

Data analytics is most important for every company.

Data is everywhere. Every Company comes to online for selling product or services. Nowadays, online, you can find a lot of data using a third-party tool. According to IBM, 2.5 billion gigabytes (GB) of data was generated every day.

It is used for how to improve or profit of the business. It is used in companies to make better decisions as well as verify and disprove existing theories or models.

What qualifications do you need to be a data analyst?

Nowadays, companies receive a tremendous amount of data every day that can be used to optimize their strategies. To get insights from the massive data collected, they need a highly qualified professional: the Data Analyst.

If you want to enter fresher entry-level then you need at least a bachelor level degree.

Higher-level data analyst jobs usually guarantee a higher pay and may require you to have a master’s degree.

#1 mathematical ability

#2 Programming languages: Advance Excel with Macros, SQL, Tableau, Python or R

#3 Data Management and Manipulation

#4 Domain Knowledge and great Communication skills

Data Analytics Roles

  • Interpret data, analyze results using statistical techniques and provide ongoing reports
  • (You can use advance excel for small company)
  • Develop and implement databases, data collection systems, data analytics and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and quality
  • (You can use SQL with Tableau for a big company)
  • Acquire data from primary or secondary data sources and maintain databases/data systems
  • Identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets
  • Filter and “clean” data by reviewing computer reports, printouts, and performance indicators to locate and correct code problems
  • Work with management to prioritize business and information needs
  • Locate and define new process improvement opportunities
Best data analytics courses online

#1 Upgrade

#2 Udemy

#3 Intellipaat

#4 Coursera

Final Words—

If you want to career in digital marketing then you have to learn digital marketing course.

Practice always gives good result...

If you don’t want to go institute to learn digital marketing, then can learn from Youtube or different website in your home.

Digital Marketing means where you can take the business through online.

Data analytics means if have a lot of raw data for company then you can hire data analytics for will give unique or quality data with reports.

After you can decide

 Where you have wrong?

 Why business is down?

And which product selling number is high or Low...
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