Today we will discuss the Ubersuggest Free keyword research tool.

Everyone who is a digital marketer or blogger knows the Ubersuggest tool. This tool is free for everyone. 

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About Ubersuggest Free SEO Keyword Tool:-

Ubersuggest is a free tool. This is developed by Neil Patel, who is a great blogger, entrepreneur, YouTuber, and writer. This tool provides SEO information, Backlinks information & your site's error. 

Ubersuggest is one of the topmost SEO keyword research tools that shows monthly search volume and CPC cost for the particular SEO keywords. This keyword research tool will help you to generate profitable keyword ideas for your business.

It fetches all the data from google analytics and google webmaster tools. Needed log in.

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How to use Ubersuggest Tool?
  • Go to Ubersuggest tool
  • Use Gmail id for signup
  • Type your domain in that box
  • Select your country
  • Finally, the results will come.
Results will show like - How much your site traffic, How many SEO keywords are ranking on Google, your social media likes and also share, Top SEO Pages.

I will show practically how to use Ubersuggest SEO Keyword Tool:-

Take your domain and put that Ubersuggest search box

✔️ Select Your Country like India.

The below screenshot is Domain Overview...

✔️ Total Organic keywords, monthly traffic, site domain score, backlinks. 

How much traffic is coming in every month?

✔️ Which month site traffic is increasing or decreasing you can check it here.

This is another analytics graph. Here you can see total SEO keywords ranking. And also you can see on the 1st page or 2nd page or 3rd page how many keywords are ranking. A total of 12months traffic is showing. 

In this below screenshot, you can check top SEO pages.
✔️ You can check SEO pages country wise.
✔️ Check particular pages of how many SEO keywords are ranking on Google.
✔️ In particular pages how many visitors are coming?
✔️ How many backlinks you have created in the particular SEO page.
✔️ Where you have got that backlink.
✔️ How many times sharing on Facebook and Pinterest.
✔️ If you want to beat with your competitor then use this tool.

Below the screenshot, you can see organic top keywords, keywords volume, keywords position, and estimated visits on particular keywords.

Benefits of Ubersuggest Keyword Tool:-

This tool is providing

1) Keyword Ideas:-
You got some keyword ideas but you don’t know that keyword monthly search volume, CPC cost, SEO score, backlinks. For these things, the Ubersuggest tool will help you to research good keywords with how much CPC cost.

2). Content Ideas:-
The Ubersuggest tool will show many content ideas related to your content. Just put your focus keyword in that search box. Will show all that top 10 sites content ideas with many questions.

In Ubersuggest tool 2, the site analyzer is there...

1) Traffic analyser B) SEO analyser

What is a Traffic Analyzer?
Just put your website in the Ubersuggest tool. Traffic analyzer will show your site or domain overview, traffic details, top SEO pages, top SEO organic keywords, estimated visitors.

What is SEO analyzer:-
SEO analyzer is a part of the Ubersuggest tool. It will help you with site audits and backlinks.
In site audit, you can check your website SEO score, site indexing pages, find errors, desktop and mobile load time, crawled pages.

Nowadays blogging is more demanding. So if you are new in blogging and have difficulty in keyword research and backlinks then this Ubersuggest tool will help you.

What is Ubersuggest Plans and Pricing?

3 types of Ubersuggest plans-

1) Individual 2) Business 3) Enterprise/Agency

Benefits of Individual Plans:-
✔️ Pay per month Rs. 899/-
✔️ Free training reports and templates
✔️ Reports per day- 100
✔️ Projects- 3
✔️ Tracked Keywords- 300
✔️ Daily updated
✔️ No. of locations- 20
✔️ Keyword suggestions- 20,000
✔️ Content ideas- 2000
✔️ Top pages- 2000
✔️ Top keywords- 20,000
✔️ Link history- 3 years
✔️ New and lost links- 30 days
✔️ 1-3 websites

Ubersuggest Business Plans:-
✔️ Per month- Rs. 1,499/-
✔️ 4-7 websites
✔️ Reports per day-300
✔️ Projects: 7
✔️ Tracked keywords- 1000
✔️ Daily updated
✔️ Number of locations- unlimited
✔️ Keyword suggestions- 50,000
✔️ Content ideas: 5000
✔️ Top pages- 5000
✔️ Top keywords- 50,000
✔️ Backlinks rows- 5000
✔️ New and lost links- 30 days

Ubersuggest Enterprise or Agency plans:-
✔️ Per month- Rs. 2,999/-
✔️ Report per day- 900
✔️ Projects- 15
✔️ Tracked keywords- 3000
✔️ Daily updated
✔️ Number of locations- unlimited
✔️ Page crawled report: 10,000
✔️ Keyword suggestions: 1,00,000
✔️ Content ideas: 10,000

I hope you find about correct the information Ubersuggest Keyword Tool.

Using the Ubersuggest tool can help you increase your backlinks and achieve higher rankings on SERP.

If you have any doubt or questions? Please use the comments section to tell us about it.

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